Housing Maintenance Request

Emergency and Atypical Requests
Student Housing & Residence Life makes every effort to prevent critical maintenance issues, however emergency or atypical situations do occur. These types of issues often require prompt attention and may require an extended period of time to complete.

- AC/Heat: Should you experience issues with the AC/Heat in your room during periods of extreme temperatures outside (unusually hot or cold), please contact the front desk of your residence hall immediately.
- Keys: All Key requests are handled at the Front Desk of your respective residence hall. If your lock is broken and you need immediate assistance, please contact the front desk.
- Mildew/Mold: Due to high humidity common with Alabama weather, as well as humid indoor conditions due to students' decisions regarding temperature control, room ventilation and shower frequency, mildew/mold may start to appear. Should you notice any spots of mildew or mold, please submit a maintenance request via the uab.edu/FixIt website so that the issue can be resolved as soon as possible.
- Plumbing: Should you experience any flooding or overflowing water in your room you should immediately take action to stop the issue. All sinks and toilets are equipped with an easily accessible shut off valve. Simply turn the valve to shut off the water and prevent the issue from getting worse. After the water has stopped please contact the front desk of your residence hall immediately. Staff may be able to assist with clean-up once the issue is resolved.
- Power: Should you experience a loss of power in your space, please contact the front desk of your residence hall to report the issue as soon as possible.

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