The University of Alabama at Birmingham

FERPA - Protect Students… and Protect Yourself
Understanding the Privacy of Student Records

FERPA (Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act)

The FERPA course is designed to give you

  • an overview of the federal law on student records and UAB's related policies
  • guidelines for the appropriate use of student records.
Understanding the rules related to the security and confidentiality of student records will protect you and the institution from potential violations of federal law and will help you to be a responsible user of student information.

The course requires a BlazerID and strong password.

All employees in Student Affairs and Information Technology will be required to take this tutorial. If you are an employee in one of these areas click here to log in.

All others are strongly encouraged to self-register for the course.
Register here

Please note that although the score on your quiz is private information that is not shared with anyone, your actual completion of the quiz will be noted by the Institutional FERPA Coordinator, as well as the Provost and Deans.  

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